Adambì Brochure

Date de téléchargement: Octobre 2020

Taille: 909 kB

Description: Institutional brochure Adambì PDF format - Division of Adgenera dedicated to Technologies for the Environment

Adambì on La Repubblica newspaper

Date de téléchargement: April 2020

Taille: 1.03 MB

Description: Detailed article about Smart Waste Bins

Adambì on GSA Ambiente

Date de téléchargement: October 2019

Taille: 909 kB

Description: Adambì products on GSA Ambiente

Smart Bins on HiTech Ambiente

Date de téléchargement: June 2018

Taille: 893 kB

Description: Article of the magazine HiTech Ambiente dedicated to Smart Waste Bins

SSI Trademark

Date de téléchargement: February 2018

Taille: 403 kB

Description: license to use the trademark Smart Systems Integrated™ for Smart Waste Bins

Adgenera on Panorama

Date de téléchargement: June 2017

Taille: 450 kB

Description: Article of the magazine Panorama dedicated to Smart waste bin

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate Adgenera

Date de téléchargement: May 2017

Taille: 91 kB

Description: ISO 9001:2015 Certificate for application fields 33,35,37

Quality Policy

Date de téléchargement: May 2017

Taille: 346 kB

Description: Quality Policy Adgenera