EPoSS assigns the Trademark Smart Systems Integrated <sup>®</sup> (SSI) to the Adambì Smart Bins for their innovative features

Smart System Integrated Trademark

The European Collective Trademark Smart Systems Integrated® has been recently launched by EPoSS (European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration) to enhance "Smart" products with a high technological content.

The trademark, managed by Mesap and registered with EUIPO, is issued to products that contain or are Smart Systems, after a technical evaluation that certifies their characteristics and quality.

A Smart System, to be recognized as such, must integrate:
  • Advanced sensors
  • Energy management
  • Implementation
  • Acquired signal processing algorithms
  • Data transmission (connectivity)

Adambì Smart System

Adgenera, powner of the Adambì brand, is specialized in the design, engineering and implementation of "Smart" systems for innovating products and processes.

Adgenera was one of the first companies in Europe to obtain the Smart Systems Integrated trademark® for its products dedicated to waste management, marketed under the Adambì brand.

Adambì products are technologically advanced and patented, the result of the constant search for intelligent, reliable and convenient solutions for the Customer.

Each Adambì product incorporates the characteristics typical of a Smart System and shows the Smart Systems Integrated trademark® on its label.

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