Customizable management software that allows the optimization of waste collection and the application of PAYT

MP Management Software

Customizable according
to your needs

MP Management Software

Modular, complete and customizable. The "open" management software, which adapts to the needs of the customer and is able to also integrate with third-party solutions.

The Adambì &management software is at the centre of the ecosystem of technologies and resources used in waste management and environmental monitoring.

MP offers the possibility of integrating in a single program all the functions necessary for environmental professionals to carry out their work in a simple and efficient way.

Waste Collection, Vehicle Management and Solid Urban Waste Users
  • complete management of the waste collection and fee process (user registry, bill calculation, fleet management, collection schedule);
  • dynamic optimization of the collection routes;
  • fee schedules (conventional, PAYT or even multiple schemes at the same time, differentiated by users);
  • monitoring of the data regarding waste deposits and bin filling;
  • reporting of anomalous user behaviour (deposit of bulky material, excessive or very low production, etc...).
Environmental and Waste Collection and Disposal Site Monitoring
  • integration with the sensors distributed throughout the territory (polluting gases, air quality, water level, leachate, etc.);
  • safety thresholds for monitored parameters with configurable automatic alerts;
  • data display configurable by user and user groups;
  • diagnostics of monitored sensors (lack of signal, anomaly, etc...);
  • advanced analysis of the acquired data (trends, correlations, forecasts, etc...).
Modular and Flexible
Using the Adambì management software involves a number of advantages:
  • practical and intuitive, with customizable and easy to navigate screens.
  • modular and scalable, following the evolution of the Customer's needs.
  • It optimizes investments, because it also connects with devices and software that are already available. It is designed to communicate with collection and monitoring systems (smart bins, RFID readers on the vehicles, sensors, control units, etc.) produced by Adambì and by third parties.
  • It provides a single interface, a complete "dashboard" for scheduling and managing the entire waste collection system and the environmental monitoring.
  • It improves efficiency and reduces management costs.

Moreover, all the data are centralized: in this way all the modules that compose the software automatically share the information without manual reporting.

MP is a Web application accessible from any device (PC, tablet, smartphone) without the need for installations or configurations.

It consists of the following modules:

Modules of the Adambì MP Management Software are modular to customize the management of waste collection, vehicles, invoicing and users
WM - Waste Management
Intuitive and convenient tool for the complete management of utilities and waste collection.
SB - Smart Bin
Module for managing smart devices.
EM - Environmental Monitoring
Module for environmental monitoring (collection and disposal sites, landfills and territory).
A&R - Big Data Analysis & Reporting
Tool for advanced data analysis and drafting of customized reports.
DE - Data Exchange
Module for importing, exporting and converting data from/to other management systems, existing databases, archives and information from control units.
Examples of Module Selection
We are a Waste Collecting Company, we have to collect waste in a cost-effective way and keep operating costs low. Use of Smart Bins to improve the collection process.
  • Waste Management
  • Smart Bin
We are an Environmental Company, we manage the waste collection service and a landfill. We would like to monitor both of those from a single tool and ensure the safety of all citizens.
  • Waste Management
  • Environmental Monitoring
We are an agency that oversees the territory, our job is to monitor the state of the environment through sensors and distributed control units. We have to analyze the data in depth to detect trends and correlations and periodically produce official reports
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Big Data Analysis & Reporting
We are a Waste Collection Company, we have collection systems acquired over time that generate data in different formats and we want to keep them running for several more years. We also intend to unify the old User Databases into a single management tool.
  • Waste Management
  • Data Exchange
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